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Drupal support and maintenance (SLA)

Well, we support and improve Drupal websites.

Ready to skip our sales pitch? Let's move straight to the quote.

Zanzarra Drupal support experts offer

We have worked on the most demanding projects on the web, which means our experience covers the development, upgrade, and further support and maintenance of Drupal websites.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Troubleshooting and bug fixing

To ensure your website runs smoothly and your clients can reach it anytime, we’ll fix all the issues reported by you or found during the site audit, which can be performed additionally.

Full maintenance and support

When it comes to project efficiency and stability, we are second to none. Critical updates, migration tasks, performance monitoring, CI/CD - we’ll do everything to keep the project running.

Custom development services

Do you have a new idea to implement? Or is it the existing project that needs improvements? Our team of dedicated Drupal developers is happy to assist you in every beginning.

E-commerce development services

With our experience in creating and upgrading online shops, your e-commerce website will bring you even more income. Website optimization, custom-built APIs, e-commerce storefront, you name it!

Drupal consulting services

At Zanzarra, we provide all kinds of consulting when speaking about Drupal development. Whether you have doubts about choosing the right technology or a development plan - we’ll support you.

Why choose Zanzarra?

Our 6 steps to success

Thoroughly set-up team

There are no two projects alike; each case is unique. So is our approach to every client - we carefully pick the best experts to team them up and reach all the set goals.

Iterations and milestones

One step at a time is the best way to follow deadlines. We divide the whole process into smaller pieces and releases to provide the most effective and the fullest outcome.

Quality first

Quality is the key to success for our Drupal development team. Therefore, the QA experts at Zanzarra use the latest technologies to ensure the project corresponds with all requirements.

Stability and scalability

Each project is thoroughly planned with our Drupal architects: all components, elements, and schemes go through a rough selection process. That’s exactly why scaling is no issue in the future.

Usability matters here

It’s the design that makes users visit your website. Zanzarra’s Drupal web designers create the most catchy website designs, all while keeping them user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Safety and security

Keeping the website secured must be the priority for every business. We always make sure we follow the latest security standards to provide the highest efficiency.

Pricing details

Knowing all the details that influence your budget is vital for a client before the project starts. With our plans, you may choose the most convenient option to start with.

g-a gr
Growing (or Startup)
  • 5-hour-maintenance
  • Dedicated support manager (SPOC)
  • 8-hours-response
medal enough-h
Enough (or Mid-size)
  • 10-hours-maintenance
  • Dedicated support manager (SPOC)
  • 4-hours-response
flag flag-h
Flagship (or Enterprise)
  • 20-hours-maintenance
  • Dedicated support manager (SPOC)
  • 1-hour-response
  • Emergency phone number

Meet the team of Drupal support and maintenance specialists

Zanzarra’s Drupal specialists are known for their solid background and reach expertise in projects of every complexity level. We’ve gathered the strongest Drupal experts to provide the highest quality and meet all the client’s requirements. Our team unites different IT professionals, from architects and developers to designers and project managers. We strive to be the best in our niche, so self-development is an integral part of everyday life.

Profile picture for user Oleksandr Liannyi
Oleksandr Liannyi
Team leader
Profile picture for user Mykola Shishkin
Mykola Shishkin
Full-stack developer
Profile picture for user Pavlo Dovgan
Pavlo Dovgan
Back-end developer
Profile picture for user Mykhailo Levchenko
Mykhailo Levchenko
Front-end developer
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