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Drupal 7 LMS to Drupal 8 Opigno migration

Long time ago, when trees were big, our small team was migrating old LMS solution from .NET Nuke to Drupal 7. It took tremendous amount of time to map 900+ tables to Drupal entities and custom tables (custom entities were still causing pain in D7).

After the migration, this LMS lived for about 5 years serving its students. Nothing is permanent in the web world and it bacome apparent that D7 is approaching it's EOL. Product owner decided to proceed with migration to Drupal 8. Though, this time we did not start from bare bones Drupal and used Opigno distribution as a foundation for the updated LMS.

CBA desktop

Drupal 8 Opigno covered lots of product needs, but definitely not all of them. In the end, we needed significantly expand the functionality.

  • BigBlueButton webinars. Completely custom integration with a BigBlueButton server.
  • Scheduled calls between students and instructors.
  • HelpDesk to support students whenever they need help.
CBA prototype

Data migration

One of the challenges we needed to solve was data migration. Drupal 7 has a completely different data model from Drupal 8 Opigno.

Careful data mapping and good understanding of Migrate API helped us, but it was not easy, for sure.

CBA prototype
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