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LMS (onine-education) development using Drupal

We know a lot about e-learning, LMS/LRS systems and Drupal itself. Below we wrote few paragraphs of relevant text to convince you of using our services. If you already open for discussion, you can skip reading and contact us right away.

Key things about modern LMS

Some would say that LMS development is not a rocket-science. Though, over years of web evolving, LMS outgrow it's initial simplicity and straightforwardness.

Modern e-learning systems are far more integrated with the outside world than it used to be.

  • Social learning. Communication between students during the education which makes transition from social network to learning smooth and comfortable.
  • Learning on the go. People don't sit at the desk and learn. They travel, commute, jog and consume content on the go.
  • Gamification. It's not only about badges, but about rewards and recognition.
  • interactive learning. Game-like quizzes and videos instead of boring documents and labs. H5P is our best friend for that.

The list above might look pretentious, but without a doubt all of that can be covered using Drupal. And you know who can help you with that :)

Why to invest in custom LMS (e-learning) platform

  • Custom-tailored design and flow. LMS is being build to cover your exact needs.
  • You are in full control. Always. We are using open-source Drupal CMF as a core. It means that you are not going to be vendor-locked ever.
  • It is secure. Drupal is being assessed by millions of customers. The core of your website is being constantly improved to avoid any potential issues.
  • Money-saver on a long run. Even though, it is pretty expensive in the beginning, it is quite a time saving if are planning to grow.
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In any creative job – team is the key to success of a project. Budget, technology, design – all of that is such a minor thing.

Execution is a key to launching an idea.

Team is the key to execution.

ZANZARRA – is the name of a team. Period

People behind our LMS projects
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Yuriy Sandul
Full-stack developer
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Mykola Shishkin
Full-stack developer
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Yuriy Mykhalyna
Full-stack developer
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Mykhailo Levchenko
Front-end developer
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Oleh Halahan
Project manager
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Anton Shpika
Full-stack developer
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Dima Suharchuk
Full-stack developer
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Pavlo Dovgan
Back-end developer