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Drupal 7 to 9/10 Migration and Upgrade Services

An outdated CMS can be an immense pain for all internal processes in your company. Starting with the terminated support and up to system fails, lost clients, etc. Just like the oil in the car, the Drupal CMS needs regular updates and upgrades to the newest versions.

Zanzarra’s experts in Drupal migration and upgrade services will help you keep your digital presence on the highest level.


Why upgrade your Drupal CMS?

The last day of Drupal 7 is scheduled on November 1, 2023. As of this date, its full support and security updates will be officially terminated. After that, your Drupal website will be an easy target for hackers; besides, all the fixing will have to be done by your own efforts - you will have to find security experts which may be out of the budget.

Drupal 7

Drupal 9/10

The Drupal Security Team and the Drupal Community end support for Drupal 7

A variety of tools and options for integrations

No commits will be available

Makes website development faster and easier

Drupal 7 may be flagged as insecure by the third-party checking systems due to no support

Higher security level

Drupal 7 releases will be flagged as “unsupported”

Strong and full community support


Thanks to API-first, the work with the content is seamless and easy


Drupal 7 to 9 migration/upgrade process from Zanzarra

Having performed a number of Drupal website upgrades, we’ve defined the most efficient and suitable way for our clients. This is how we migrate Drupal 7 to 9/10.

  1. Old CMS analysis
    We start with your current Drupal 7-based website analysis: we check all the features and create a list of them for your consideration. Such a method helps to better visualize what should be moved to a new Drupal 9/10 website. At this stage, we also analyze the template and theme of your site, and then we discuss whether any changes are to be applied.
  2. A deeper research
    To make the migration even more smooth and less harmful to your business processes, we do complex research on the features you previously had. We check your content architecture to understand if the automated migration would be more efficient; If any of the modules don’t have an alternative in Drupal 9/10, we’ll find the replacement or upgrade them on our own; if any features aren’t used, they will be excluded.
  3. A plan for new Drupal website development
    After the full check is done, we create a thorough step-by-step guide on how to implement the target functions and content and how to structurize all data. The main goal here is to develop a perfect website architecture so that the solution fully corresponds with Drupal 9/10 capabilities.
  4. Migration/Upgrade and further development
    So that the migration plan is developed and all the data is structured, we begin implementing the agreed structure to the new website version. After that, the existing on your old Drupal 7 website data will be migrated to the new one. Here we stick to the automated content migration by means of Migrate API. This interface helps to avoid human errors, speed up and re-iterate the process and keep data in sync. Simultaneously, we develop your new Drupal 9/10 website: theme, business logic, essential functions, integrations, etc. 
  5. Testing phase
    When the migration processes are completed, it’s time to test your new Drupal 9/10 website. It is essential to check the operability and whether every component was migrated successfully. Then we move to the website performance testing, check the presence of all previous integrations and SEO elements.
  6. Final touches
    Once the migration is approved by the customer, we move to the last step in Drupal 7 migration - we release your new Drupal 9/10 website in the production stage. Along with that, we also create all necessary documentation on the job done so that further support and maintenance are performed correctly.
  7. Maintenance and full support
    To ensure your Drupal website's stable work and efficiency, it is vital to conduct regular checks for new Drupal updates, fix bugs, and keep an eye on the security level. Whether it’s a minor upgrade, a new tool integration, or another landing page - we offer our support in all kinds of these tasks.

Why us

Rely on Zanzarra Drupal experts and feel all benefits of migrating to Drupal 9/10

Rich Experience

We have offered support in Drupal migration and upgrade processes for over 10 years. That allows us to provide better services to our clients and makes Zanzarra the strongest partner in this sphere. Our certified Drupal developers are ready to delve deep into your case and provide the highest results.


Minimal Downtime Harm

To narrow down any risk connected with downtime and prevent losses, we conduct migration processes when your website traffic is at its lowest. This approach helps to reduce disruptions significantly and save your customer flow.


Personal touch

There is no box solution when it comes to Drupal migration services. We know for sure there are no two cases alike, and that is why our approach to every customer is different and unique. Every time we start a Drupal 7 migration project, the whole upgrade process is strictly adjusted to the case complexity and particular aspects.