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Drupal support and maintenance (SLA)

Well, we support and improve Drupal websites.

Ready to skip our sales pitch? Let's move straight to the quote.

I am happy to introduce Drupal support services by ZANZARRA.
Z. Team gathered tremendous amount of experience resolving our client’s needs. Now, it’s time to check details, pick-up the plan and start enjoying safeness.


Proactive. We tend to resolve lots of support issues before they actually hurt.

Responsive. We are available whenever you need us.


Each pricing tier has amount of development time dedicated to each project. Sometimes it happens, that not all time was cleared during the month. The time won't get lst, the extra amount, can be used next month for your bigger development/maintenance requests.

Below, you can see our popular pricing tiers. But no worries, this is not SaaS or a subscription. Clicking on the plan won't request your payment card. It just let us know which budget is acceptable for you.

g-a gr
  • 5 hours of booked maintenance time
  • Dedicated support manager (SPOC)
  • 8 hours response
medal enough-h
  • 10 hours of booked maintenance time
  • Dedicated support manager (SPOC)
  • 4 hours response
flag flag-h
  • 20 hours of booked maintenance time
  • Dedicated support manager (SPOC)
  • 1 hour response time
  • Emergency phone number
The team behind our support and maintenance services
Profile picture for user Oleksandr Liannyi
Oleksandr Liannyi
Team leader
Profile picture for user Mykola Shishkin
Mykola Shishkin
Full-stack developer
Profile picture for user Pavlo Dovgan
Pavlo Dovgan
Back-end developer
Profile picture for user Mykhailo Levchenko
Mykhailo Levchenko
Front-end developer
Profile picture for user Andriy Dmytriv
Andriy Dmytriv
Profile picture for user Nikola Losew
Nikola Losew
Full-stack developer
Few websites covered by our SLA protection
Boardr is the product which took years just to go from ideas and discussions to development. We were trying to start the development about 5 times, at least. Currently, the project is at the alpha-testing stage and works only in few Ukrainian cities. However, very...


LoveBooks is a Lviv based company which manufactures custom-made photo albums, leather-wrapped boxes alongside with premium quality printing service. They are on the market for a few years and they already have become one of the market leaders in Ukraine. Recently they...


“Best Gift Idea Ever” is a company which sells custom made gifts built by customers. Guys provide perfect service in offline stores, where visitors are able to combine letters frame and mats in unique presents. For those who prefer to use a web browser instead of old...