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Our team & people who worked with us.

Profile picture for user Oleksandr Liannyi
Team leader

Leaders teach you why and how to do it, bosses tell you what to do. Guess why Alex hates it when we call him a boss :) Alex is very straightforward and honest so we always know what we do wrong :)

Profile picture for user Mykhailo Levchenko
Front-end developer

One client said Misha was a genius, and Misha says he is a Batman (most likely because intelligence is his superpower). We certainly agree with both but still make fun of him.

Profile picture for user Pavlo Dovgan
Back-end developer

Pavlo can dig the code for bugs, and dig for coins (literally). The rarest one is from the Roman empire (coin not a website). Pavlo is our back-end star who works in ZANZARRA from the very first day.

Profile picture for user Anton Shpika
Full-stack developer

Webster’s dictionary defines perfectionism as ‘a disposition to regard anything short of perfection as unacceptable’. It is probably the best description of Anton’s approach to work. After hard work Anton needs to relieve stress and likes shooting enemies (playing Airsoft, nothing dangerous)

Profile picture for user Olga Huzar
Office manager

Olga takes care that no one loses weight and stays in a great mood. Chocolate, biscuits, snacks and a friendly smile work wonders.

Profile picture for user Stas Kotlyar
Front-end developer

Front-end dev during the week and a football star on weekend. Stas likes pixel-perfect front-end and is a real team player.

Profile picture for user Uliana Heksel
QA engineer

Most developers think that their code is perfect, but Uliana can always find bugs :) Uliana is an attentive QA engineer and caring young mother, isn't it a superpower?

Profile picture for user Yuriy Sandul
Full-stack developer

It's never too late to change your occupation especially with such a great engineering education and work experience. Yuriy can write great code, solder chips and play a guitar, isn't it a real talent?