We can always make it better. Checkout page for BGIE company site

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A few years ago we made a great work of redesign the official site of BGIE company — our good friends and clients.

We successfully support the site during these years, add new features and improve the existing ones. Recently there was a need to revise and improve the design and look of the overall checkout process on the site.


Here is how checkout looked earlier. First, we select the photos we want to create our gift:

order old

Then we fill up the necessary forms:

checkout old 1

See and confirm the shipping details:

checkout old 2

Review order and make the payment:

checkout old 3


Our goal was to simplify the process by making the interface more convenient and user-friendly but keep the existing functionality. One of the ways to achieve this is to reduce the number of steps user need to follow to complete the checkout (4 steps were reduced to 2).


The first step was kept without any changes:

order new

Checkout page: 

checkout new 1


So, we got rid of superfluous pages and completely remake the UI for a comfortable display of the contact and shipping forms on the one page and the billing information on the other.

Feel free to make a wonderful gift for yourself or for the loved ones, so you can try out our new plain and simple design in action right now.