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Product Builder Release

Dec 3, 2018

Almost six months ago I attended a Drupal Camp Wroclaw as a speaker presenting the Product Builder approach to products customization in Drupal commerce. And finally, we’ve released the module on

Until now, every developer used to have his own way to develop a customizable products shop. Extending commerce line items, altering the add-to-cart form and finally, some heavy custom forms. In our Drupal Agency, we used to have at least three different approaches to the same type of feature. Finally, we decided to join our forces and build a more-or-less flexible solution for customizable products.

Even though, it’s still in the active phase of development, here are the features you might be searching for:

  • Field UI for product customization form configuration. Since product builder is a Drupal entity, you can use a field management interface you are already familiar with.

  • Product Builder Preview can be done with a simple twig template where all the variables are streamlined.

  • Price calculation can be easily tweaked with old-good Rules module.

  • Extendible API. Integrating third-party field types is a piece of cake with a Drupal plugin API.

What you can expect in the nearest feature:

  • Tutorials series of building a various type of customizable products, from pizza to Boeing 737.

  • Improving/testing the Field Group and Conditional Fields integration.

  • Running a set of experiments with HTML5 Canvas and Three.js 3D graphics library.

Recently, we’ve launched our own product using this concept. So we have a live testing environment with an incredibly fast feedback cycle.

If you are interested in this module, feel free to join us on Create issues or patches and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Together we can build a really sophisticated and stable approach to products customization.

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