Kyiv Drupal Camp 2017

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Kyiv Drupal Camp 2017 was taking place on 10-11th of June. It is the biggest annual Drupal conference in Ukraine.
Zanzarra team could not waste the opportunity to get there so, for the second time, we took part in this event.
This year 403 members of the worldwide Drupal community attend the camp. Yes, I say "worldwide", because there were not only Ukrainian "drupalers" on the event, but from the other countries too, such as Canada, France, Netherlands etc.




As I mentioned in the beginning, the camp was held for two days. The first day - presentations and reports from Drupal companies professionals. The second day held by code sprint.

We particularly liked reports on such topics as "Composer and Deployer for Enterprise", "Drupal 8 Plugin API", "Daemons in Drupal 8", "Moving a DrupalShop from Services to Products - Experience with the Open Social Project", "How to Recruit and retain top talent ". Of course, there were a lot of cool reports and presentations but it was difficult sometimes to choose a single one from several that were passing simultaneously.




I got to say that not all reports were evaluated by our team.




Just kidding. We had a really fun Friday night so not everybody was able to get some rest and gain full strength before the Saturday event :)

Zanzarra team expresses deep gratitude to the organizers and sponsors for giving everyone in Drupal Community an opportunity to establish new connections and communicate with the colleagues at this high level. Everybody could show and learn the skills of eloquence, development, management and... partying like a rockstar!




That's right, after the main event all participant moved to the pub in the center of Kyiv where they could relax and had a good time in the company of great people. We did not become an exception so we joined the beer and food party with pleasure. 

Also, we had some time to stroll around the beautiful evening Kyiv and took some photos.

 Zanzarra team, in full force:




When no one (almost) watching:




The last I want to say on behalf of the whole Z team – "We are looking forward to the next year event!"