Introducing the Mastermind

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We’ve got a massive amount of work in Zanzarra during the last few months. Our team is working hard on a new cool stuff and we will be very excited to introduce you this project in the near future.

But now I want to tell you a different story. To be honest, we should tell you this a long time ago. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome! The greatest and miraculous, mastermind of our team – Ronald The Horse. Or like we used to call him – Ronald.


introducing ronaldpioneerkaberne


Usually he stays in office to keep and maintain the creative mood, but from time to time he accompanies us on the business or vacation trips as well.


Though he isn't able to make it everytime...

ronald ps


But trips, adventures and inspiration are not the only things Ronald does. He prepared a special surprise, that all of you developers, designers, technology fans and everyone who likes IT news and goodies will be happy about.

"Ronald's Digest"

That’s how we called it. The first article will be posted soon so do not miss it.