Best Gift Idea Ever


“Best Gift Idea Ever” is a company which sells custom made gifts built by customers. Guys provide perfect service in offline stores, where visitors are able to combine letters frame and mats in unique presents. For those who prefer to use a web browser instead of old-school stores, guys have built their first version of the website. It was pretty nice but had several limitations listed below.

The problem

The old site was nice for its time, but eventually became hardly supportable and there appeared several security issues. And it would be fair enough to mention that design became a bit outdated too. Taking into account all issues, it appeared easier to rebuild the site from ground up.

Dream team in action

ZANZARRA’s team has rebuilt the site from scratch in ~2 months. We used Drupal 7 + Commerce module as a baseline and carefully customized it to fit our needs. As one of the services, we provided a tailor-made design for the new website. One of the most interesting tasks in a project was to build an interactive Gift Builder which allows customers to create gifts by selecting frames, mats, and images.

Also, I would like to mention that we’ve built a synchronization service to share the content between and this website. As a matter of fact, it saved a huge amount of time for guys. And as has become a tradition, the BGIE site supports all devices and has responsive layout.

You can review several screenshots of the site below:

Front page with a “Gift Builder” section

BGIE Front Page


BGIE Blog Listing

Frames Catalogue

BGIE Frames Catalogue

Contacts page

BGIE Contacts

Final fanfares

At the end of development, we have a nice looking website, which is secure and perfectly solves business problems. It was a big pleasure to work with guys from the “Best Gift Idea Ever”.