Docksal. Our way to unified development environment

About a month ago, I had a short presentation on Drupal Cafe Lviv. I described our development approach and our path to choosing Docksal. In this post, I tried to express everything I have told in a presentation. My verbal skills are far from perfect, but I hope it can be helpful for someone.More

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Drupal Console VS old buddy Drush

Drupal Console versus Drush
As you may notice, with Drupal 8 stable release new development tool started gaining popularity. Drupal Console -- a Symfony’s Console child with a bunch of Drupal integrations. Actually, Drupal Console looks pretty powerful, even though is missing some Drush functionality.More

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Malicious Drupal or Don't let it spam

drupal hackerman

New geek-thriller about hackers, spammers, and Drupal. Please, keep your kids from the screen. Don't let pregnant women read this. All the characters are fictional.

The madness

Almost a year ago, one of our clients asked us to check a production VM which was shut down by hosting provider because o...


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BGIE Launch Announcement

bgie launch


After over two months of development, I’m pleased to announce that we finally launched the “Best Gift Idea Ever” website.

You can read a detailed description of the project on the BGIE project page.

Here, I just wanted to say thank you to Ryan Martz and Ryan Lanzel for the interesting project a...


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ZRA Drupal Code Sprint #1. First attempt

code zanzarra
At some point in time, we became a bit ashamed to work without regards to Drupal Community. We are using a lot of projects created and supported by the community but without any contribution. Now is the time to change the way of things. As a starting point, we decided to make a small internal code sprint so everybody get familiar with procedures and rules.More

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Grand re-opening of Zanzarra

zanzarra banner

After few years of silence, ZANZARA team is back on track.

We've reestablished our official website and totally concentrated on web technologies. Check out our projects projects read some info from our blog and feel free to contact us

We're here to make your web experience perfect.


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